A role in the event industry doesn’t just mean planning events. Here are 17 different career paths related to events and the event industry.

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As technology continues to evolve we are presented with a very exciting time in the event industry. Along with all of the advances in the event world comes a new series of career choices that are available to anyone seeking an opportunity to work in events. Here are a few roles that you’re sure to see popping up all over the event space in the coming years.

Event Tech Expert

An event tech expert is your go to person for every technology related element surrounding an event. This might range from audio visual related items and special effects, all the way up to something as complex as your event app or other event technology. Many events have really started to embrace the tech savvy side of the industry and at the same time many event planners have too much on their plate already. Event tech is sometimes a step too far and so some eventprofs are looking to work with a go-to person to advise on the best options from the start, ensuring that the tech is implemented properly and supporting and moderating as required on site.

Most event tech experts will spend their days troubleshooting any tech challenges that arise, but they will also play a critical role during your site visits and set up to be sure your venue is the perfect fit for all of the ideas you plan to implement.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media is critical to any event and is an exciting part of business that continues to develop and evolve each year. It has the power to keep your attendees informed, engaged and enthusiastic about your event and the festivities surrounding each element.

Social media coordinators are quickly becoming a must have part of every team from big business to small scale event companies you are sure to see this role continue to grow in future years. Having in depth experience with different platforms, a flair for community engagement, responsiveness, along with the ability to learn quickly are key skills to have when exploring this as an events career. Social media is constantly changing and expanding, which makes this a very exciting role. As well as organic reach there are also opportunities for paid social ads to boost your reach and analyzing the results is important to make sure you focus on getting the best results.

Digital Concierge

A digital concierge might not sound like a career opportunity, but more the replacement of the traditional concierge service offered by many hotels and venues. However, someone working behind the scenes can serve as a digital concierge by providing all of the traditional services, but doing so through an app or the web. Everything from coordinating event logistics and providing local restaurant recommendations to obtaining tickets to the most popular show in town can be services offered by a concierge working from a remote location.

Meeting designers are focused on creating the best experience to ensure that the event objectives are achieved by focusing on the experience of the individual, often combined with good knowledge of psychology and cognitive learning. They want to ensure the best learning outcomes for all participants and ideally ensure longer term behaviour change for those involved.

Conference Architect

Similar to an event designer a conference architect is also firmly focused on the event objectives and ROI but they will often look at the whole event planning and delivery process to identify areas of improvement in terms of execution. They look at building and tailoring the whole event structure, rather than just what goes inside it. In some circumstances a conference architect and meeting designer could work together. This is definitely a role we are starting to hear about more and more.

Event Videographer

Video has taken on a whole new life in the world of events. Everyone including venues, vendors, planners and attendees are creating new video content surrounding every event. High-quality videographers with a passion for creativity are in high demand.

Events want to find new and interesting ways to display everything their event can offer, and video is such an excellent tool to do so. If you have a passion and knack for videography, the event space is a great place to grow and expand your services.

Digital Analytics Manager

Careers and skills in digital analytics are on the rise and the event industry is starting to take note. The data we can analyze and gather from digital resources is essentially endless and can lead to improved productivity and revenue, as well as informing us how to give a better event experience and processes. Data is measurable but can be baffling so many event related companies will be expanding and investing in this type of research to create more jobs around this niche.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer service should be at the forefront in every event. We cater to the needs of our attendees in order to make them happy and to give them an enjoyable experience with the hopes that they will return to future events, or rehire our services in planning their event.

In order to make customer service a big focus many companies are hiring staff members committed directly to providing top tier service. Everything from answering emails, obtaining customer feedback, providing in-person service onsite and dealing with complaints can fall into the job description for a customer experience manager.

Manager of Event Security

Security and safety is on the mind of every event planner and has increasingly become a very important element of every event. The manager of event security takes on the role of ensuring all guests, staff and volunteers are safe during the event and protected from potential threats. This might include setting up security checkpoints and procedures, hiring and briefing security staff, being alert and also providing additional protection for any high-profile guests.

Event Sustainability Coordinator

More and more events are making a commitment to go green and reduce the environmental impact their event is having. By hiring an event sustainability coordinator your event will have someone dedicated to finding and executing initiatives to make your event more environmentally conscience and delivering on your CSR responsibilities.

Event Reporter

In today’s world everyone has the ability to report live from your event with the use of social media. Some online influencers are now carving out a living from attending events and blogging, reporting and socially interacting. Having an online audience is a major key to this role, but it is definitely an emerging opportunity for anyone well connected in the online space.

Creative Director

Large events need to invest in a more complex staff and more often teams are looking for creative direction to set their event apart and bring all elements together in a cohesive way. A creative director can provide solutions to help bring an event to life! They can create internal engagement campaigns, develop event branding, and focus on live events and exhibitions, along with video, digital, print and marketing content.

Live Feedback Manager

During every event we are regularly receiving feedback via social media and face-to-face communication. Having someone dedicated to tracking this information and data allows the event manager to make changes in real time. They can use geo-location data to show bottlenecks or compile feedback in terms of complaints and make live and prompt adjustments as a result.

Sponsorship Manager

Sponsorships play a major role in the success and revenue of an event. Having a staff member dedicated to recruiting and stewarding sponsors can have a significant impact on every event. A sponsorship manager should be someone familiar with businesses who align with the event niche and also someone who is comfortable asking potential sponsors to invest and working hard to ensure it is a mutual beneficial arrangements from both sides. This can be an exciting and rewarding career within event management.

Diversity Coordinator

Having an event that provides diversity and culture is important to broaden your reach and impact. A diversity coordinator can work in a human resources type role ensuring that staff are diverse and also panels and speaker line ups are representative of a wide variety of backgrounds. They might also help to find suitable stars representing minorities to speak and present at an event, helping to seek out interesting personalities and perspectives.

Creative Event Caterer or Florist

Many vendors are also seeing new and emerging titles develop. Traditional caterers are now being tasked with big impact food displays. Florists are now being asked to create floral masterpieces to fill a room and make a statement. Having a title like this gives your client the knowledge and confidence that you provide services above and beyond the traditional vendor.

Virtual Event Planner

Some event managers are taking their business online and providing services to clients all over the world. More and more you may see companies working with freelance virtual event managers who conduct their work from remote offices. This provides a unique career opportunity and flexibility for event manager seeking a new career perspective.

In Conclusion

As the event industry continues to grow and develop the number of new opportunities emerging is endless. Some of these skills may fit within wider job roles or may be given other titles, but many teams have an increasing need for these responsibilities.

If you are looking to make a name for yourself in one of these specialist areas consider taking on freelance work and continuing to develop your skills within your area of interest. Working in the event industry doesn’t just have to be about planning events logistics, there are a lot of exciting opportunities to improve the live experiences delivered within the event space.

If you want to look further into planning the perfect event, check out the Event Manager’s Guide to Planning an Event and get all the information you need.